TITLE – The New CEO Super Power – Big Data Analytics

DESCRIPTION – Business leaders are often lost when it comes to the heralds of big data. Do leaders need to understand all the technical details and programming of everything from the cloud that could create insight for their business? We will walk through what is reasonable to change the DNA of your organization from its current state to a future analytic state – leading to new business models and sparking disruptive innovation.

ABSTRACT – Many executives misunderstand the key to transforming their organizations into analytics-driven-ones. Too often, analytics is seen as a problem in data science and technology. We’ll dive into the courage it takes to use the insight gleaned from data analytics to drive an organization, leaders who change their organization to deliver on their companies’ analytical potential, and why you don’t want to hand your organization over to a team of statisticians and programmers.

  • What leaders need to understand about big data
  • Building new business models
  • Sparking disruptive innovation


Date: January 28, 2015
Event: Rainmakers Companies Conference January 2015
Topic: The New CEO Super Power – Big Data Analytics
Sponsor: The Rainmakers Companies
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Public: Private

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