Damian Mingle is an American businessman, investor, and data scientist. He is the Founder and Chief Data Scientist of LoveToThink.org, a way for skilled professionals to contribute their expertise and empower the world’s social changemakers.

Formerly, Damian was the Chief Data Scientist at Intermedix (an R1 company) where he was responsible for leading a team of international data scientists to drive business value. As the lead for the company’s predictive analytics service, Damian offered providers and hospital systems descriptive analytics, exploratory data analysis, inferential analytics, and mechanistic analysis.

Before joining Intermedix, Damian was the Chief Data Scientist at WPC Healthcare, a company focused on machine learning and predictive analytics solutions for improving clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. Throughout his professional career, Damian has held a variety of positions in the healthcare and finance industries, working with companies like Hospital Corporation of America, Coventry Healthcare, and Morgan Stanley.

As a leading authority on data science, Damian speaks nationally and internationally on patient safety, global health, and applied data science.

Damian’s work has been published in The International Clinical Pathology Journal, Current Trends in Biomedical Engineering & Biosciences, and The International Journal of Biomedical Data Mining. Through regular competitions, he is ranked in the top one percent globally as a data scientist. Damian earned the title of 2015 Nashville Technology Council Data Scientist of the Year, 2016 Sepsis Hero Finalist, and the 2017 Best Use of AI in Food, Health, and Medicine for machine learning innovation in the emergency department.

Damian has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Asbury University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Texas A&M University.