10 Trends You Will Continue to See In 2014

Many businesses ask me what do you see happening in the next 12 months. They ask me question like:

What should we expect?

Where should we be investing?

What should we be thinking about to keep ahead of the curve?

The list below is not particular to anyone industry, rather a general overview of the state of the analytics ecosystem at a particular moment in time. For many industries, if they were to focus on a single item below it would perform wonders for their business, and yet others would need to adapt for more.

  1. Data science move to the every-man.
  2. Analytics will drive cloud-based business solutions.
  3. Cloud data warehouses transform the process from months to days.
  4. Business individuals began to have expectation of flexibility and usability in their dashboards.
  5. No longer is retrospective views of the data enough, so the addition of prospective views become important.
  6. Embedded analytics begins to to come into mainstream business.
  7. Dashboards with context become important, hence narrative around the data becomes key.
  8. Business users began to seek information wherever they are and not just at their desktop.
  9. Social media becomes a measures of competitive advantage for organizations.
  10. NoSQL will become increasingly more important as organizations attempt to work with unstructured data.

It is fabulous time to be involved in analytics and organizations of all types. We are at a new frontier of business that we should all be excited by rather than intimidated by.


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